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Postby PurpleLugia » Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:26 pm

Just a "miscellaneous" thread for anime content

Today FUNimation has announced the cast/crew list for their English dub of Robotics;Notes: ... iant-robot

and along with it, the first release trailer for the dub as also released:

Not really how I would have imagined the two MC's voices, but it's fine.
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Re: Anime General

Postby TehVict » Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:28 pm

holy shit I was Googling "Robotics;Notes dub" earlier today to see if there was any news I missed. Seems like I am a bit of a clairvoyant! This is amazing! I will preorder as soon as I can, R;N is one of my favorite anime.

Unfortunately the trailer is blocked in my region and my usual proxy isn't doing the trick, so I'll have wait a little bit before I can hear the English voices. I'll take a look at each VA's previous roles for now. I don't think they'll have that hard of a time getting good voices for most characters, but Frau's script and voice is one I was worried about. I really hope they can pull it off. Fortunately Leah Clark who has been cast as Frau seems to have a pretty good background. I'm also curious as to who is writing the script.

Edit: Managed to watch the trailer and it's looking good! Kai's voice sounds pretty fitting, and Aki's sounds nice but we'll have to see how she handles her more extreme moments. The side character voices in the trailer were all great too. No preview of Frau's voice, so I'm still worried, but I have faith Funimation is capable of doing a good job.

It seems like Clifford Chapin (Kai's VA) is new around. He seems pretty good, and it's always nice to hear a new voice instead of the same one for the tenth time, so that's cool. Something else that's interesting, Lindsay Seidel who played Rukako in Steins;Gate has now been cast as Akiho for R;N.

Anyway, I'm hyped. I wonder if there'll be any kind of pre-order bonus like the lab member pin for Steins;Gate. I'm guessing probably not or else they'd have mentioned something about that. They don't seem to be doing pre-order bonuses anymore, which is a shame.
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